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Billie Eilish - No Time to Die

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  4. I think this is the video she was reacting to And then this is the video of them seeing her reacting to them.
  5. The best part is at 9:15 when she talks about her own fame and explains herself as an artist. She's so down to earth.
  6. Yeah, especially as an artist, not just as a producer or "biLliE's bRoTHeR"
  7. Love a good Finneas interview. Nice to see him get recognition
  8. Lady Gaga just announced her new single "Stupid Love", due on Feb 28, on Twitter: Finally, Ell-Gee-Six is finally coming
  9. Billie sat down to have another interview on Big Top 40, talking about the Brit Awards, the Grammys, the Oscars and - again - microwaves
  10. Cello

    Billie emoji?

    A few more suggestions: @Admin
  11. I don’t think she is. I think she is just starting out tbh
  12. Let’s hope this stays at the top spot for at least 10 consecutive weeks
  13. @Admin I know we already have , but I have this proposal: (proposed name would be :wowlish: ) Alternatively: :byelish:
  14. She deserves this. I think it's the best Bond song in a long time.
  15. Omg I was gonna quote idontwannabeyouanymore Those lyrics are so relatable.
  16. My least favorite song of hers, tbh . Not saying it's bad, but there are other songs which are better for me
  17. My Strange Addiction is an amaaazing song, probably my favourite right now. The lyrics are bomb and I love how much Billie seems to enjoy performing it live
  18. It really is. Great lyrics, beautiful lyrics!
  19. You didn't mean to say "I love you" I love you and I don't want to - i love you One of her best songs, tbh
  20. I'm the powder, you're the fuse Just add some friction - my strange addiction
  21. Earlier
  22. Meanwhile, in Germany it entered the charts on #16
  23. https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/billie-eilishs-no-time-to-die-scores-biggest-opening-week-of-all-time-for-a-james-bond-theme__28767/ Billie Eilish’s James Bond theme No Time To Die lands straight in at Number 1 on this week’s Official Singles Chart, earning the star her first UK chart-topper and the biggest opening week of all time for a Bond theme, according to available Official Charts Company records.
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