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  2. https://www.buzzfeed.com/billieeilishfan1/can-you-be-as-successful-as-billie-eilish-y2rc5d1kb
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  4. I'd be happy with one or two but I personally think her serious stuff is the best.
  5. I want her to put some happy songs รก la bad guy on it . I don't mean for her to completely abandon her more serious stuff, but I wanna bop to some of the tracks
  6. I find that when people start listening to Billie and really give her a chance they get hooked and delve deeper into her discography. She took over me for a while as well..
  7. I don't know how to describe it either but captivating is an accurate description. I love all those songs too but I also love her girly voice on Don't Smile at Me so I'd kind of like them to find a way to include her old voice on some of her new songs. But I'm the same, I'll eat up anything they release. They are so creative and always bring something fresh and different.
  8. me making an attempt to join LanaBoards while being banned on GGD teas
  9. 'Everything I Wanted' is my favourite Billie song, so I'd love more in that style. I don't know how to describe it, there's just something very captivating. I also love My Strange Addiction, Bellyache and ATGGGTH. All different styles but all super catchy and fresh. Honestly, I'll probably eat up whatever her and Finneas release.
  10. Yep. Anytime Just curious, is my profile still visible to you on GGD? hurricane326
  11. GGD's admin and LGN's admin are both pretty stuck up I'll probably get permabanned from here for just saying that lol Let it go, I'm just kinda lonely considering I'm in quarantine. Your threads were iconic btw, from what I remember
  12. Lmao why should I make a support thread I dunno what I did lol
  13. Welp admin just deleted @LadariousGarage's GGD thread
  14. I read somewhere that they are experimenting with different styles in this album, like everything i wanted. Something I think is interesting is that Billie doesn't have a distinct "style." Most of her songs have been pretty unique. In comparison, Lana Del Rey's songs all sound pretty similar, no shade, I love her music. Two songs that leap out at me for being quite different that the others are everything i wanted and bitches broken hearts. They just sound a little different from WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP. If you compare songs like bad guy and bury a friend to her earlier songs like Ocean Eyes and Six Feet Under, you can tell those songs are quite different, but then again bellyache is similar to the tones of those songs. I think she might have some songs that are sad, like when the party's over and idontwannabeyouanymore, bouncier songs like bad guy and COPYCAT, but also some like everything i wanted. I'm excited for whenever her album comes out and I can't wait to hear more of her music! I only started listening to Billie last September but she's kinda taken over me.
  15. I'd love to see this place become something like PopJustice (closed to registration) which has much more meaningful discussion and better members than ATRL (also closed) Billie's fans don't use forums We could merge it with GGD or something idk
  16. Andreu

    Stupid Love

    a little extra promo never hurts
  17. Nope, hurricane326 https://gagadaily.com/forums/topic/292273-fake-tracklists-satire/
  18. Finneas revealed about a week ago that they are working on a new album. Let's discuss. I'd like her to go in the direction of Everything I Wanted. There's something about that song that seemed to grab the interest of people who aren't fans. Also her vocals on the Bond song - I'd like to hear more of that.
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