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    Pretty much, yeah . There are days I'm alone on this site. Then I leave
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    At the VMAs, Billie got nominated in 9 categories, which are: Video of the Year - bad guy Artist of the Year Best new Artist Push Artist of the Year Best Pop - bad guy Best Direction - bad guy Best Cinematography - hostage Best Editing - bad guy Best Visual Effects - when the party's over You can vote for her now over at http://www.mtv.com/vma/vote/ with 10 votes per category ( you have to register for free to do so, you can do that with Google and Twitter). Please keep in mind that you can only vote for the ones being in bold above, the others are for a professional jury only. Let our girl win
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    omfg does anyone else see all the posts made in Chinese
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    I have been a Stan of Billie for 4 years now, and no one except for my family knows that. Guess why all my classmates are so annoying sometime. They would be like “did someone say COACHELLA? You watch Coachella? Uncool” or “Billie eilish is for babies” its so depressing to not be able to share my interests with people, except here of course... ugh! by the way I’m in class and that’s why I thought of posting this
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    it’s a big day! bad guy finally moved up one spot to the top! dethroning old town road at last. i am so happy!
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    Hi friends, this is my first post, I am new here, my name is PunkTheFunk and I LOVE Billy Eiliash, Panic at the Disco, the Jonas Brothers, Milly Cyrus and Tony Bennet, How is everyone doing today?
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    Same but tbh I feel like all the people who came here from GGD don't need another cultsite
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    apparently we are alone on this site ..
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    You mean 100000x more successful than Billie Eilish? Anyway, I don’t have anything against Billie but saying that Gaga’s over is just over dramatic so stop thank u
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    @Gam @Ocean Eyes @aaron l @TheSlash @Nathe @Amidana @gianahasnolife Hope u wanna join:) Anyway I wanna inform that I’m banned on ggd too
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