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    I have been a Stan of Billie for 4 years now, and no one except for my family knows that. Guess why all my classmates are so annoying sometime. They would be like “did someone say COACHELLA? You watch Coachella? Uncool” or “Billie eilish is for babies” its so depressing to not be able to share my interests with people, except here of course... ugh! by the way I’m in class and that’s why I thought of posting this
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    I,ll give free blowjobs and pics of my exculsive buttholes on Dm's if anyone replies
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    fair enough but i honestly alawys found madonna more theatrical than vocal that being said even gaga is known for her theatricality but her vocals also do stand out apart from it something madonna did mostly failed to acheived but she is still a legend regardless
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    well this site a no man's land now so you can shamelessly drag some hoes
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