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Billie Eilish - No Time to Die


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    i got in lets go bitches
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    I'm the powder, you're the fuse Just add some friction - my strange addiction
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    Billie has arrived on the red carpet! The show starts in 1 hour
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    Hello! I made a visual lyric video for Billie's new James Bond single, "No Time to Die" please do a girl a favor and check it out
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    Billie Eilish has received over 1B streams on spotify so far this year (2020).
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    Lady Gaga just announced her new single "Stupid Love", due on Feb 28, on Twitter: Finally, Ell-Gee-Six is finally coming
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    It really is. Great lyrics, beautiful lyrics!
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    You didn't mean to say "I love you" I love you and I don't want to - i love you One of her best songs, tbh
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    Daily update for the current chart positions for Germany Daily Spotify charts (latest: Feb 18, 2020): 18. no time to die ( = ) 27. everything i wanted ( = ) 59. bad guy ( +4 ) 121. lovely ( -1 ) 140. when the party's over ( +1 ) Current iTunes charts (latest: Feb 19, 08:49 EST): 2. no time to die ( = ) 8. everything i wanted ( -1 ) 9. bad guy ( +2 )
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    This is a series of pages where we discuss the sales, data and charts of Billie Eilish.
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    Omg she killed it! She served vocals! That performance was so beautiful and really let her voice shine
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    William will perform "No Time To Die" with the legendary Hans Zimmer at the award show on Tuesday, February 18.
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    And there's the performance:
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    I also just noticed during her speech, when she said she felt really hated on recently, the face of Melanie C changed to "Who's hating on you? Gimme names! I'll end them for you." . I love how those big artists in general are so protective of her . I mean, Taylor, Alicia, now Melanie C( don't know if she is considered a 'big' artist tho ) - that's wonderful
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    Thank you for the recommendation! I'm loving all this new music
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    WTF . What a sad day for music . Here you can listen to his EP: https://open.spotify.com/album/51V8Fme8o9GthQ3O1RNMtE
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    Aren't they . I also watched another short clip from that interview where they had to say which one is better in doing certain things. So adorable
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    Watching this right now it's pretty interesting. Actually, not even what they're saying, I just love to see Billie and Finneas interact. Very likeable.
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    Just got round to watching it. I love seeing their interviews, they seem so chill and likeable
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    She is up for International Female Solo Artist.
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    I personally love the spiders in "Crown" so I voted for that. Interestingly, while she's a fantastic visual artist, she hasn't had a big video moment ala "Bad Romance" / "Born to Die" / "Physical" / "No Tears Left to Cry" yet.
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    yeah stan madonna all you want but not stanning teletubbies is... unfortunate and reductive.
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    No. I wanted to buy tickets last year to see her at the Manchester arena this July but it sold out so fast. Happy for her though. Not all artists sell out that arena. Even Gaga has had to have some sections covered by a curtain because the seats didn't sell.
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    Nope, I get severe headaches and the strangers around me make me nervous. I think I could handle it when I go with my best friends ( not just any friends, I really need the best ones ) to get through this . But I'm fine with watching YT videos, I really enjoy them
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    Also, currently, "no time to die" is charting at #1 63 times across all streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and YouTube. Our girl did it
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    Should we also use it for Finneas' chart positions and sales? I mean, he is not just a beyond-talented producer, but also an astounding artist . Even tho he's still underrated chart and sales-wise
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    Imagine her taking the "Woman of the decade" award in 2029
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    "She is one for the most talented young ladies I’ve ever heard. Her album was amazing. She's come a long way very quickly. She's an incredible word of mouth artist," he gushed. "All the tracks we’ve played have been so different, and that’s what I love about her. There's is no box to put you in. There are no rules. I can’t wait to see her live because she has something very special going on. Talent like hers doesn’t come along very often." X
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    On February 13, Billie released the highly anticipated theme song for the upcoming Bond movie, which Finneas and her wrote together and which the latter produced . Listen to it below .
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    I love this song so much . Haters saying "she can't belt" found dead in a ditch
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    I totally did not cry watching this.
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    Everything he does as a producer is well deserved and he finally gets recognized . But as an artist I think he is still underrated. His EP is amazing without a single skip
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    do you stan? opinions, thoughts? okay so apparently only @Cello and @DonatellaPop11 stan, really sad..
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    haha no the damn teletubbies album came out 5 years ago, after a 17 year gap with the 1998 album
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    i got banned from gagadaily too (being nearly three months now) god what the fuck is wrong with that website well its good to see gaga-billie hybrid stans here in billieeili.sh
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    Post your Billie inspired tattoos here if you have any, or if you find any you like!! Here's a link to my Billie tattoo! Next month I am getting a crown on my ankle
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