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Billie Eilish - No Time to Die


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    I'm the powder, you're the fuse Just add some friction - my strange addiction
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    It really is. Great lyrics, beautiful lyrics!
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    You didn't mean to say "I love you" I love you and I don't want to - i love you One of her best songs, tbh
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    Daily update for the current chart positions for Germany Daily Spotify charts (latest: Feb 18, 2020): 18. no time to die ( = ) 27. everything i wanted ( = ) 59. bad guy ( +4 ) 121. lovely ( -1 ) 140. when the party's over ( +1 ) Current iTunes charts (latest: Feb 19, 08:49 EST): 2. no time to die ( = ) 8. everything i wanted ( -1 ) 9. bad guy ( +2 )
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    Omg she killed it! She served vocals! That performance was so beautiful and really let her voice shine
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    And there's the performance:
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    I also just noticed during her speech, when she said she felt really hated on recently, the face of Melanie C changed to "Who's hating on you? Gimme names! I'll end them for you." . I love how those big artists in general are so protective of her . I mean, Taylor, Alicia, now Melanie C( don't know if she is considered a 'big' artist tho ) - that's wonderful
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    Billie has arrived on the red carpet! The show starts in 1 hour
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    Lady Gaga just announced her new single "Stupid Love", due on Feb 28, on Twitter: Finally, Ell-Gee-Six is finally coming
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    Love a good Finneas interview. Nice to see him get recognition
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    Billie sat down to have another interview on Big Top 40, talking about the Brit Awards, the Grammys, the Oscars and - again - microwaves
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    A few more suggestions: @Admin
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    https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/billie-eilishs-no-time-to-die-scores-biggest-opening-week-of-all-time-for-a-james-bond-theme__28767/ Billie Eilish’s James Bond theme No Time To Die lands straight in at Number 1 on this week’s Official Singles Chart, earning the star her first UK chart-topper and the biggest opening week of all time for a Bond theme, according to available Official Charts Company records.
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    @Admin I know we already have , but I have this proposal: (proposed name would be :wowlish: ) Alternatively: :byelish:
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    She deserves this. I think it's the best Bond song in a long time.
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    What are your favourite lyrics by Billie? Mine would have to be these from idontwannabeyouanymore : If teardrops could be bottled There'd be swimming pools filled by models Told a tight dress is what makes you a whore If "I love you" was a promise Would you break it, if you're honest Tell the mirror what you know she's heard before I don't wanna be you anymore
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    Omg I was gonna quote idontwannabeyouanymore Those lyrics are so relatable.
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    My least favorite song of hers, tbh . Not saying it's bad, but there are other songs which are better for me
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    My Strange Addiction is an amaaazing song, probably my favourite right now. The lyrics are bomb and I love how much Billie seems to enjoy performing it live
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    During an interview on Capital FM Billie surprised one of her biggest fans. Watch below :
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    Billie got to do an interview on BBC 1 Radio and a snippet of that just released with them "talking" ( mostly him talking, tho ) about the high note in "no time to die". Watch the 2 minute snippet below: I hope the full interview gets online soon
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    Yay, more UK promo! I had no idea she would be on BBC R1 so thanks for posting this
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    Looks like she had a great night at the Brits! Her friendship with Stormzy in the last 2 pics, I live
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    That video with Stormzy is so cute!
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    Her acceptance speech was so adorable . Imagine hating on Billie - I can't relate . Also, her performance of NTTD was amazing. I remember she said in that BBC interview that she was nervous bc of that high note at the end with her belting bc she never did it before - I think she did amazing . I for my part decided to stan forver
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    The performance of the Bond song was amazing.
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