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Billie Eilish - No Time to Die


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  1. I'd be happy with one or two but I personally think her serious stuff is the best.
  2. I find that when people start listening to Billie and really give her a chance they get hooked and delve deeper into her discography. She took over me for a while as well..
  3. I don't know how to describe it either but captivating is an accurate description. I love all those songs too but I also love her girly voice on Don't Smile at Me so I'd kind of like them to find a way to include her old voice on some of her new songs. But I'm the same, I'll eat up anything they release. They are so creative and always bring something fresh and different.
  4. Finneas revealed about a week ago that they are working on a new album. Let's discuss. I'd like her to go in the direction of Everything I Wanted. There's something about that song that seemed to grab the interest of people who aren't fans. Also her vocals on the Bond song - I'd like to hear more of that.
  5. We have a separate site for that.
  6. I think this is the video she was reacting to And then this is the video of them seeing her reacting to them.
  7. The best part is at 9:15 when she talks about her own fame and explains herself as an artist. She's so down to earth.
  8. She deserves this. I think it's the best Bond song in a long time.
  9. Omg I was gonna quote idontwannabeyouanymore Those lyrics are so relatable.
  10. The performance of the Bond song was amazing.
  11. Her delicate vocals The lyrics The high note at the end
  12. If we keep going and continue posting it will gain momentum.
  13. I think I would pick 3 too. Or 8.
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