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  1. I think its so cute and meaningful
  2. I ask myself this question everyday
  3. I feel like im the only person who doesn't keep up with marvel and I feel so out of the loop lol
  4. I love thank u, next the album. I think my fav is NASA or fake smile
  5. sleep is so weird. in a way, I low-key don't want to know where we go because then I would be too scared to fall asleep lol
  6. YES. in class all the time
  7. can you cook gluten free pasta?
  8. since she is getting so big and the shows sell out so quick, I would expect her to be doing arenas
  9. lucky!! where did you see her?
  10. im trying to get tix to see her in Philly, they're just so expensive
  11. recently, I've been loving idontwannabeyouanymore
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