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  1. Thomas P

    Game of Thrones

    I’m just so upset. Some of the actors best performances to date though holy fuck but the writing was NOT it
  2. New Billie. Watching her grow has been so much fun. Her old stuff is great but her album is amazing, and she’s only getting better.
  3. I think that when we fall asleep, we go into a state of mind where our internal emotions that were suppressed for the day manifest themselves in whatever form of dream you end up having. I think that internal anxiety being pushed aside creates your nightmares to allow that panicked and fearful emotion to unleash itself while you sleep, so you don’t have to go through while awake. I think that internal happiness, being contained, blows up into some of the best kinds of dreams, and I think suppressed horniness creates your sex dreams () So in conclusion, when we all fall asleep, I think we go to dreamland
  4. Thomas P

    Game of Thrones

    Okay... ep 1 of this season was good. Not great, just good. Ep 2 was great imo. Ep 3 was amazing, and idc what anyone says, that storyline ended how it should’ve ended, didn’t need to be stretched out more cause it would just distract from what the show is really about Ep 4 was kind of angering. It made me dislike some of my favourite characters, therefore making me dislike the show for writing them this way. It was a mistake of an episode and should’ve been done better (although Emilia, Lena, Peter, and Sofie gave amazing performances and deserve nominations for them)
  5. Thomas P

    Lady Gaga

    Admin got that free promo on madame gaygay’s site
  6. Thomas P

    Lady Gaga

    Heehee came here from Gagadaily
  7. Listen Before I Go sends me
  8. Oh yes I do it drained my bank but worth itttt
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