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  1. I dunno enough to compare lol Also we need more active users the site is still so dead
  2. I had seen this I wouldn't mind getting scared by her then getting a hug
  3. I mean the last time I got this Obssessed with a new artist was 10 years ago with Gaga Tho Billie is not gonna replace Gaga for me she's definitely special I keep wanting to see all her material and interviews and shes so blunt and funny I love it!
  4. Man the more I listen to her music the more I fall in love with her art The more I listen to her interviews the more I fall in love with her as a person... I've only had a few serious artist obssessions Rihanna: 2005-2006 Basshunter: 2006-2007 ABBA: On and Off since 2006 (still love them tho) Lady Gaga: my fav artist since 2009 (still is) I think Billie may be my next serious obsession
  5. I like the blue but I'd like to see her try pink Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea have pulled it off nicely!
  6. Im reluctant to call her hot cuz im 26 and she's underage still... But she's hot
  7. Lady Gaga's fan site (maybe the biggest one) The admin of that site created this website after being impressed with Billie and thinking she's the future of music like Gaga was when she came out And I agree. Billie is very unique and I love her.!!!!!
  8. A lot of fan forums are almost like one But if u want a real cult site try Madonna Nation. U have to answer really hard questions to make an account there to make sure your a real fan and they block everything to the outside world if you don't have an account almost like they wanna hide their sh*t And I got banned only cuz I mentioned Gaga twice in the same week. It's not even like I was bashing Madonna cuz im a fan too I ended up making an account on Madonna Infinity instead where they are much nicer GGD is my top site tho. U get addicted to being there like if it was a cult
  9. I love that first one And I only just recently saw the music video where she drinks the black liquid and it comes out of her eyes I didn't know where that look came from lol
  10. Source? Anyway I've always loved Eminem! With the exception of socially problematic lyrics of course
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