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  1. It’s growing on me.
  2. Heartbreak from a failed relationship.
  3. 1. Zedd 2. Bieber 3. Ariana 4. Nick Jonas
  4. I can’t attend because I’ll be in Vegas attending Enigma.
  5. I had better days.
  6. Yes, billy goats America’s social networking service has joined a Billie Eilish forum. I’m famously known from GagaDaily and other fandom sites. I’m not a huge fan of Billie so bare with me. But now that I hit the sign up button.
  7. Same username. It’s nice to see GGD people joining this.
  8. This little birdie is getting around. :classy:

  9. Hi, I'm new here, do you like Billy Eillash? 

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      I like a song or two but....

      I gUeSs I’m AbOuT tO fInD oUt 

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