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  1. Define old Billie. My fave songs from her (i'm not a stan yet, so excuse my basicness in taste) are idontwannabeyouanymore and all the good girls go to hell. Is idontwannabeyouanymore old or new Billie?
  2. Wow educate me sis who is the Billie fandom what are their jokes and insides
  3. Hello, I'm a Gaga stan and very much from Gaga Daily, but jumped on the occasion to create an account on here because I like the Billie, but also because my boyfriend is a STAN. Like, a STAN. So I want you Billie stans to educate me on everything Billie so my relationship doesn't fall apart. Love, Poissonche ps: if you not from Gaga Daily how did you discover the forum let's help admin make some demographic research
  4. is this forum going to be the place where banned GGD souls come to have their voice heard guess we now know where we go when we all fall asleep ot: same username i'm iconic ain't i
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