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Billie Eilish - No Time to Die


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  1. Nnn the insta stans were heartbroken
  2. It’s so gorgeous. It’s the first song I really paid attention to from Billie. The way they harmonise in the chorus
  3. Stef

    miley cyrus

    Legend is coming back with a new single this month. Here’s a preview: Her Shania Twain Up! pop/country hybrid is coming. And we will stan! Discuss all things Miley here!!
  4. Everytime I’ve heard one of her songs I’ve always stopped in my tracks. She has a very haunting energy and I couldn’t help but investigate. It reminded me of when I first heard Just Dance
  5. Stef

    Lady Gaga

    Legend also living for how the site is stylised in lower caps like Billie’s music
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