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  1. ChicaSkas

    Lady Gaga

    I cried laughing rn
  2. Could use a.... media section *cough* <3 remix thread in particular as well
  3. I am really surprised and delighted to see the forum pop up. I was chatting with a friend over breakfast about Billie since my friend's teenage daughter is obsessed with Billie. I searched around and there were no Billie sites or infos to be found in one place , it was all scattered all over Twitter and IG and some google pages, but nothing in one place. This is our chance as Billie fans to make the best Billie site out there -- all the information, all the songs, all the demos -- all the insight and culture in one place. Well done, Admin of this forum <3 -- Chica aka Katharine
  4. I found out because my friend asked me more about her because she thought she was in the same vein as Lady Gaga. At first I was shocked when I saw her videos, but I remembered thats how i first felt about Gaga all those years ago!
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