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  1. it’s a big day! bad guy finally moved up one spot to the top! dethroning old town road at last. i am so happy!
  2. forgot to answer the second part of the question but i saw a tweet about the owners of gagadaily making a forum about billie!
  3. zendaya, dua, kacey, lady gaga were my favorites!
  4. 1. Ariana Grande 2. Lady Gaga 3. Miley Cyrus 4. Loreen 5. Charli XCX 6. Pabllo Vittar 7. Alice Chater 8. Billie Eilish maybe there? i don't know. i don't really rank my faves often it's hard!!
  5. ugh yes! literally so perfect. waiting up for ntltc video was a moment i will never forget! masterpiece!
  6. it's so hard to pick 5 favorite songs... but i love ntltc, touch it, baby i, bad idea and giaw so so much
  7. another queen i live for!
  8. i don't think artpop deserved to flop... it certainly got better with time. i think it's my most listened to gaga album.
  9. when the party's over makes me feel some type of way. it hits different for me.
  10. my family think that her music isn't really music... annoying!
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