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  1. F... this is unfair, you got inspired by my post and got so much more attention than me,.. just kidding Yes I’m still depressed
  2. It’s been a couple of days from that concert, it’s my second Billie concert (first one is the one by one tour Seattle) It was the best night of my life, and they way that she forgot the lyrics to copycat (don’t be kind) is so cute and she said “the fuck are the words” like on Coachella i have been depressed since then cause it’s over now... how can I stop feeling this way? Anyone got advices
  3. Silver, I like her hair silver
  4. Is this the real twitter official account? Get out if your not a fan
  5. It is weird that the only celeb I love is Billie, Lol, don’t like anyone else. Don’t even need a list, she’s my only.
  6. It really does. You can’t even inmagine sitting in a classroom listening to cool kids criticizing everything you love and you can’t even argue with them because they will start criticizing you
  7. I have been a Stan of Billie for 4 years now, and no one except for my family knows that. Guess why all my classmates are so annoying sometime. They would be like “did someone say COACHELLA? You watch Coachella? Uncool” or “Billie eilish is for babies” its so depressing to not be able to share my interests with people, except here of course... ugh! by the way I’m in class and that’s why I thought of posting this
  8. What’s you guys’ favorite Instagram post of/by Billie? mine is the one that she was licking a painting’s but and captioned “what’s for dinner” in French Lol
  9. My boy or ilomilo, I can’t decide
  10. I guess..? But she dyed her hair so many different color, not only silver
  11. What is you guys’ opinion on JB? personally I think he doesn’t deserve billie’s love the only reason I’m not hating on him is because of Billie...but I do dislike him
  12. Does anyone else draw Blohsh literally EVERYWHERE? just me? ok
  13. Yea I can’t believe he’s so underrated.
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