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  1. They had, like, five-six good songs. Which isnt bad, but I moved on pretty quickly. Also dont we have a thread for awesome covers? I feel like we should...
  2. Whitney Houstons version of the National Anthemn that she did at some baseball game or something a few years back and theyre not your typical patriotic songs Born In the USA by Bruce Springsteen and Red, White and Blue by Lynard Skynard.
  3. Im going to ignore the cheap action figure comment, its ludicrous and I thought that ship had sailed a long time ago. Its 100 about the paint job, so, yeah, no.
  4. James Arthur is a skanky gobshite Who does that prick think he is? Couldnt sing if his life depended on it plus you cant understand what hes saying when he does try and sing Neither can Rita Ora for that matter but he needs a reality check
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