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  1. the ocean eyes remixes are all good!!
  2. If I met him and he was nice and we were into each other (not sure of his sexuality) then sure! as long as the other party and I are into it, kissing doesn’t bother me!
  3. 1. Bad Guy 2. Xanny 3. All the good girls go to hell 4. Wish you were gay 5. When the Party’s Over 6. My Strange Addiction 7. Bury a Friend 8. ilomilo 9. Listen before I go 10. I Love You (I love YSSMIAC but if I had to cut tracks I would just keep that a stand-alone single.)
  4. Absolutely love it!!!!!!
  5. I think the album for me, just because I love it as a whole work of art But Don’t Smile at Me is amazing too!
  6. I personally thought it was going to be a super loud instrumental, like maybe a guitar riff or something how about you??
  7. Post some of your fav Billie gifs~
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