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  1. rnrnHey guys, guess Im an old timer by now, though I wasnt here during the days of Portent. Just checking in on the board... I think a lot of the traffic this site used to accrue has gone to reddit and pinterest.rnrn
  2. Happy new year, everyone Im hoping it will bring better sleep from Newt we are in the middle of night weaning using the Jay Gordon method and therefore, more independence for me. I wish you all the best. Youre a wonderful group of friends.
  3. rnrnFar too often, usually I assume its here somewhere or just cant be bothered other times I realise it was a waste of time after doing itrnrn
  4. You know you are getting old when...you see buildings in Glasgow that were built when you were a kid get knocked down again within your lifetime Anyone have any other ideas?
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