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  1. Well, as long as this site claims to be in beta mode, this isn't really used, yet.
  2. I need a 'idk' option as I never listened to Manson
  3. Bc some members over there are hyperventilating when they see a topic about Billie and start hating without reason
  4. @Admin Get to work, you have some spam to delete and some spam account to ban
  5. Waiting for this site to turn into SpamDaily
  6. If I were you, I'd would give a f*ck about others' opinions. You know why you love her and her music. Don't let them you deny your musical taste . And if they ever come again with "Billie is for babies", play them bury a friend and let them feel real darkness .
  7. Pretty much, yeah . There are days I'm alone on this site. Then I leave
  8. At the VMAs, Billie got nominated in 9 categories, which are: Video of the Year - bad guy Artist of the Year Best new Artist Push Artist of the Year Best Pop - bad guy Best Direction - bad guy Best Cinematography - hostage Best Editing - bad guy Best Visual Effects - when the party's over You can vote for her now over at http://www.mtv.com/vma/vote/ with 10 votes per category ( you have to register for free to do so, you can do that with Google and Twitter). Please keep in mind that you can only vote for the ones being in bold above, the others are for a professional jury only. Let our girl win
  9. FixedT I mean, it's Billie's dream and I'm happy for her, but that is so not it
  10. Be realistic, it's the worst song on the album
  11. @Blue Madonna Can't we just end this mess here? I'm sick and tired of waiting ( and honestly to be one of the very few active users here ). @aaron l Please vote for the sake of crowning a winner and ending this mess .
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