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  1. such a blessing day i also wanna add this one:
  2. yeah, they know i'm pretty much obsessed with her and they make fun of me bc they say i'm a pedo bc i'm going nuts for a 17 years old girl
  3. i mean no, but she could be in a couple years tbh
  4. i like thr slow down papi part but that's it
  5. she's so gorgeous like a young cara delevigne, i love her resting bitch face
  6. lucky you there are rumours about billie oming to a festival here in argentina so i have hopes i'll see her
  7. both awesome but wwafawdwg is the better one tho
  8. Finneas


    heard your wife was away this weekend, wanna meet at my place? ajskksj jk yeah i love that you keep it "professional", those youtubrrw posting one thing after another justbfor views is kinds annoying
  9. we stan a director with taste i'll give it a try
  10. exactly this, but turned out to be... a cute intro i guess
  11. it depends though, a month ago i met bring me the horizon before their show and tom sykes shared a story of both of us then the day after at the gig he greeted me!
  12. i was shooked with you should see me in a crown: her attitude, how dark it sounds, it sounds really cool and interesting, like a indie trap song or something And then the video cae and she left me no choice but to stan
  13. Who Dat Boy and See You Again are major bops tbh
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