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  1. Dead. GGD=Boring (I'm banned) Madonna=My new queen (thank god Haroon banned me so i could re-discover her) Gaga=my old queen (I still love her tho)
  2. I agree that it was a mess but also I'm just gonna drop this here or maybe look here when she was younger or
  3. Madonna is the Queen of pop Gaga's the princess of pop Billie is an okay normal singer
  4. Me? A million reasons why she’s the best singer? Cuz there only takes one person
  5. A fact is also that Billie isn’t anywhere near Gaga’s status yet but maybe will in the future so stop making pointless threads @Ocean Eyes
  6. Agreed for hating on Gaga!!! @Ocean Eyes @Admin
  7. More like this but seriously, I don’t wanna attack but why do we have this feud? Like gurl don’t u have a GGD account? And gurl imma defend Gaga so try to attack her & is, We attack you and your worthless statements
  8. You mean 100000x more successful than Billie Eilish? Anyway, I don’t have anything against Billie but saying that Gaga’s over is just over dramatic so stop thank u
  9. @Gam @Ocean Eyes @aaron l @TheSlash @Nathe @Amidana @gianahasnolife Hope u wanna join:) Anyway I wanna inform that I’m banned on ggd too
  10. Hey Guys, it was awhile ago Anyway, We have created a new FanPage dedicated to our other queen Lady motherfucking Gaga https://theriseofgaga.wixsite.com/mysite it’s still in its very early days so it’s not the hottest website right now, but it’s really good! Here u can post about everything, camera pics direct from phone/computer is allowed & u can cuss on da site (too much just for its sake is not allowed tho) Anyway, it would be so nice to see you guys there /GAGAJANDRO, ProjectJoanne, ARTPOP AURA & Fiene (The mod team)
  11. Best: GaGa () worst (ever);
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