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  1. AHS 9-1-1 Gilmore Girls Glee Bones
  2. Hey Ya’ll. Thank you to everyone who voted for the Hot 100 rate. It was very interesting seeing everyone’s votes. @SquidwardLegacy @aaron l @Didymus @Sunny The Results are... Again, thank you all for your votes. I really enjoyed doing this and I hope we will continue to do it. See y’all next time.
  3. I definitely know how you feel. I feel like that sometimes because I was the fat kid when I was younger and it would feel like redemption for me to get a good looking guy. But as you said, we’re getting better.
  4. I look at people, but I wouldn’t pick a boyfriend based on it. Of course I need to be attracted to them, but it’s not my entire focus. I always feel like the really good looking guys, would not make the best boyfriend. I need someone who has some quirky things and who I can like for their personality.


    Black Eyed Peas. Not really a band, but a group. I also like, wait for it, Green Day and Nickelback.
  6. One time I blew my nose too hard and I thought I punctured a lung.
  7. Sorry, that happened. Hopefully, it'll get better soon.
  8. Inb4 Y’all obsess over him like Shawn Mendes.
  9. Is your real name Madonna?
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