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  1. I would LOVE this. Omg, I need this to happen now.
  2. I love Watch. It’s my favorite of her songs and the video just puts me in all my feels.
  3. I hope not super long. I hate the whole two year break but I also don’t want her to release super soon and it sound absolutely terrible.
  4. ugh yes I can’t believe he’s only 21
  5. Whats your real name: my little secret What’s the story behind your username: Well it’s basically just my name I chose several years ago with some X to give it a flair. What country are you from: USA How did you find billieeili.sh: my friend @RockwellMonster literally told me about it and I raced here as soon as I could. Whats your favorite Billie song: this ones TOUGH, but I have to say When The Partys Over. It came out during a rough period for me and I couldn’t more thankful for it. ‘don't smile at me’ or ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO?’: definitely the album. The EP was amazing but she really did THAT with her debut. Whats your favorite vine: Free Shavacodo Whats your favorite food: SPAGHETTI. I can eat so much do it. Probably why I’m still fat Do you have any hobbies: I love video games. Gamer at heart. I also love reading now, so many books piled up to read. I also enjoy walks and the such. Just basic things. OH and writing poems. Which other artist do you stan: Oh lord. Taylor, Lorde Rihanna, Beyoncé, BORNS, Marina, Troye Sivan, Gaga, Billie (duh), Halsey. So many more. Recently got into Lykke Li! Have you seen Billie live: no because I’m a broke as hell and feel too old for confers now
  6. I thought it was gonna be moody and overproduced with little vocals on it that went into the next song. I like what we go though
  7. Oh yea I could see that. I live in a small town so it’s just floods and looks gross. Though I do enjoy playing in the street when it rains sometimes
  8. I hate it sometimes. I like it every once in awhile but not a week straight. I just want my vitamin D!
  9. I’m fine. Been raining all week so the depression decided to pop out and I’m not here for it.
  10. Absolutely. I love it here and Billie Eyelash
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