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  1. I would LOVE this. Omg, I need this to happen now.
  2. I love Watch. It’s my favorite of her songs and the video just puts me in all my feels.
  3. I hope not super long. I hate the whole two year break but I also don’t want her to release super soon and it sound absolutely terrible.
  4. ugh yes I can’t believe he’s only 21
  5. Whats your real name: my little secret What’s the story behind your username: Well it’s basically just my name I chose several years ago with some X to give it a flair. What country are you from: USA How did you find billieeili.sh: my friend @RockwellMonster literally told me about it and I raced here as soon as I could. Whats your favorite Billie song: this ones TOUGH, but I have to say When The Partys Over. It came out during a rough period for me and I couldn’t more thankful for it. ‘don't smile at me’ or ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO?’: definitely the album. The EP was amazing but she really did THAT with her debut. Whats your favorite vine: Free Shavacodo Whats your favorite food: SPAGHETTI. I can eat so much do it. Probably why I’m still fat Do you have any hobbies: I love video games. Gamer at heart. I also love reading now, so many books piled up to read. I also enjoy walks and the such. Just basic things. OH and writing poems. Which other artist do you stan: Oh lord. Taylor, Lorde Rihanna, Beyoncé, BORNS, Marina, Troye Sivan, Gaga, Billie (duh), Halsey. So many more. Recently got into Lykke Li! Have you seen Billie live: no because I’m a broke as hell and feel too old for confers now
  6. I thought it was gonna be moody and overproduced with little vocals on it that went into the next song. I like what we go though
  7. Oh yea I could see that. I live in a small town so it’s just floods and looks gross. Though I do enjoy playing in the street when it rains sometimes
  8. I hate it sometimes. I like it every once in awhile but not a week straight. I just want my vitamin D!
  9. I’m fine. Been raining all week so the depression decided to pop out and I’m not here for it.
  10. Absolutely. I love it here and Billie Eyelash
  11. Thank you! I’ve heard from one of my friends on there but couldn’t betray my original pop forum but here I am
  12. Hi. I’m not from GGD.
  13. Well it’s definitely a song. I’ll give it that.
  14. When The Party’s Over. I only discovered her last summer.
  15. 8 is so underrated. I get why every hates the baby voice but I LOVE it.
  16. I Love You simply for having that hallelujah is what does me over with it. My Strange Addiction stays at the top for me though.
  17. That app is unforgivable. She made way too many promises and FAILED. At least she took notes and didn't repeat the same with poor miss Joanne.
  18. 1. Taylor 2. Lana 3. Billie 4. Halsey 5. Banks 6. Gaga 7. Lorde 8. Tyler, The Creator 9. FINNEAS 10. Marina
  19. I'm not even sure HOW this would sound. Rihanna might work but Gaga??
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