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  1. i’m so bad at managing my life lol i feel you
  2. i knowww it’s so stupid but we’ll find a way to hang out
  3. i do sooo bad with deadlines too it’s a struggle
  4. thanks so much! mine is xanny, i love bass
  5. that’s very true, my friend completely disagrees with them
  6. wow!!! it’s beautiful i love the shading and dimension it has
  7. i’m really open and mostly date girls (i am a girl) so they found out pretty quickly
  8. i’m bored asf and y’all are so nice and cool so how is everyone? my day was kinda ROUGH i’m not allowed at my best friend’s house anymore because i’m bisexual and her parents think i’m gonna ruin her or some shit so that really sucks
  9. i am shook in this she says it “blow-sh” IVE ALWAYS SAID IT “blah-sh” WTF
  10. what’s your fav billie look? here’s mine:
  11. i don’t think it’s homophobic after she explained it, but i don’t like that people are saying it’s the new gay anthem when it’s about a straight relationship... its a good song and she even said it could be the other way around about a gay girl and a gay girl saying “i wish you were straight”
  12. what billie merch do you own if you do? what merch do you want? i got the deluxe box so i have a poster and lithos
  13. i hadn’t ever listened to her and she was all over my instagram, so i listened to when the party’s over right when it came out and have been hooked ever since
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