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Zeena Lavey

Taylor Swift - ME! Performance - The Voice

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OK the song isn't that great:oops: BUT THE PERFORMANCES and visuals overall have been:woah:

So I was watching the performance and noticed a few things

1. At the start it looked like there were numbers or something flashing behind Taylor. I thought it might be 7s and 13s. This would line up with other theories etc. of when the album will be released

2. It started in pink/sparkles and ended in blue. This has been a common theme throughout out this era and further adds to that her next album might be a double album. For example in the ME! music video early in the video she has pink hair in the final scene however she has blue. 

3. KARYN 2.0!?! The giant butterfly wings. Butterflies have been a large part of this era's aesthetic so far. It makes sense to have them there. But at the AMA's KARYN MADE A SURPRISE VIST during her I did something bad performance. So on tour is it a possibility we get a giant butterfly?

Either way just my thoughts. Leave what you think and any comments you have:kiss:

OH and here are the links 

The Voice Performance: here

The MV: here

BBMA's Performance: here

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