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New Gaga Fan-site

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Hey Guys, it was awhile ago:air:

Anyway, We have created a new FanPage dedicated to our other queen Lady motherfucking Gaga:excited:


it’s still in its very early days so it’s not the hottest website right now, but it’s really good! Here u can post about everything, camera pics direct from phone/computer is allowed & u can cuss on da site (too much just for its sake is not allowed tho)

Anyway, it would be so nice to see you guys there:heart:

/GAGAJANDRO, ProjectJoanne, ARTPOP AURA & Fiene (The mod team):heart::classic_love:


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6 minutes ago, ProjectJoanne said:

Thanks Haroon! JUST made an account here and didn’t expect to see you here as well :classic_happy:

Also I just want to say this 1 last thing, regardless of what people think about you and their experiences (cough, my friends running the website), I have nothing against you personally, you’re just a very protective moderator on GGD that takes their job seriously and that’s ok :classic_smile:

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5 hours ago, Haroon said:

Anyway I wanna inform that I’m banned on ggd too:neyde:

Oh no :ohno: . What happened :woah:  :cry:

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